Thursday, April 30, 2009

Liam & Moria


Liam loves to play in her cage.

Monday, April 27, 2009


About a week ago now we took Liam to get a dog from the pound. The was a 3-4 month old black lab. We tried her out for the weekend and real liked her. We decided to name her Moria. I got the name from out of the movie Lord of the rings. We also just got a new video camera. So I will post pictures soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This weekend we went and spent it visiting family in Cheboygan. Friday night we spent at my parents house. My dad smoked some pork for us, for dinner and it was tasty.

Saturday we went to visit kyle's grandparents. Then we went to the Easter Egg Hunt up at the Cheboygan High School.
Liam had a great time. They have age groups go together but we got there 5 min. late and missed Liam's age group. So he went with the 4-5 year olds and loved running out to pick up the eggs. The leaders dumped cardboard boxes full of eggs, out on the gym floor. For the kids to run and get. They must have dumped about 4 big box's for 4 different age groups. It was a lot of fun to watch all the kids run out on the count down. Liam went out a second time with the 6 and 7 year olds and just kicked the eggs and chased after the kids. I couldn't help but laugh at him. I took some pictures with my moms camera. I will post some as soon as I can.

Saturday night we played cards with my parents and colored eggs with Liam. Liam loved coloring eggs. He took his egg and put it into a color. After some time went by I asked him is it done yet? He would shake his head no. I waited a little longer. Then ask him again. Liam then picks his egg up out of the color, looks at it and then at me. He says something in gibberish and stuck it in another color. It was real cute, you kinda had to be there. Liam was very sad when the eggs were all done. So I might do it again with him on a rain day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

15 months old

Liam is getting so big and the time is just flying by. Liam is now climbing on top of chairs and many other things, with no help and doing it every easily. He is like my own little monkey. He loves to play with play doh and to color. He likes to do little crafts. Liam is becoming moms little helper to. He will bring his diaper over to the trash for me. I am still working on him actually putting it in the trash though. He wants to just carrie it around with him.

He love to run, I can't wait to get him out side more. Once the weather decides its going to be spring. I did take him out today for a short time. Its just so cold out we can't do much.

He is talking more and more too. It is sooo cute. When I am doing dishes I can lesson to him. He is just chattering away reading his books. He is repeating some of the word I say. His vocabulary is about 10 words or so.

I have also moved him up in cloths size yet again. To me it feels like he is growing like a weed. Liam is now wearing 18 month. His short little legs are still in 12 months though. I think he is wearing a size 5 shoe now to.

I would post pictures but are camera is broken and we need to get a new one. As soon as we do I will update pictures of Liam.