Thursday, November 15, 2007

6 weeks left to go!!!

Kyle and I have started taking child birthing classes. They are on Weds. for 6 weeks. We have been to two of them so far. Last nights was a lot of fun. I got to see the rooms available, which were very nice. We went over some things that might be used. Kyle had to be the one that made the teacher think of course. He asked what did they use on the cord back in the day before the claps. The teacher replayed: tie it in a knot, used string or anything at hand that would do the job. Then we got to watch a short video. At the end of class we all got a packet of info. The thing I liked best in the packet was what to pack for labor & delivery. I feel much better on having this info. One fun note, everyone in my class is real close on dates do. We are all weeks apart from another. Starting at 30 and going to 34. Which 34 would be me ya!! We have a total of 5 couples in the class counting kyle and I.


Laurie said...

Glad you are enjoying the class. I can't wait for that little nephew of mine to get here. If he is a little early, this would be his first Christmas too!! :)

Anonymous said...

The classes can be fun! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see the pictures of the little guy! Remember... I have been way off lately... Jan 2 is just a guess. Love ya lots! Miss you both! Emma